Nereida Lobo is a new generation philanthropist, brand ambassador and professional model who believes in the essence of community, friendship, family and giving back. Coming from very humble beginnings, Nereida Lobo never saw her estate at any time as a reason to give up hope on her dreams, instead, she was and still is determined to make all her dreams a reality by working hard and giving them life.

Born and raised in the beautiful islands of Cape Verde, she learned the beauty of community and culture which has allowed her to embrace the ideals of community and giving back here in America. She came to the United States at the age of 11 and has not stopped making a difference in her life and the lives of others. Graduating with a Bachelors in Counselling Psychology from Washington Adventist University, she is living her purpose today providing the educational tools necessary for children all over Africa to have a competitive edge in life.

She became the 2016/2017 Miss Africa USA Queen, using the platform to bring so much awareness to the plight of children in Africa and how we can all come together and empower them educationally. Her trip to several of the Cape Verde Islands, and recently to Ghana, is just the beginning of a lifelong journey that would be dedicated to changing the lives of children for the better. Her belief is echoed in Nelson Mandela’s words, “Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world”.

Currently, Nereida is pursuing her dreams of entrepreneurship, working with several companies as a brand ambassador and making decisions that have a baring on the exposure rating of companies. She remains an inspiration to all those who knows her and intends to leave a legacy of change behind when all her work is done.




Get updates on Nereida Lobo’s adventures, as she travels the world changing the lives of children educationally. Let her also dazzle you with her inspirations throughout the day and inspire you to be the best you can be.





Working with a number of companies and promoting their brand is one of my key strengths. In 2016/2017 the Miss Africa USA pageant organization reached unprecedented heights of exposure due to constant promotional feed from my activities. Being able to create stories that captivate an audience is what I excel at, and this is meant in all professional seriousness.

In the same way, I took these promotional efforts to a travel and vacation services company and we did a complete turn around of the company working as a team with my insight into how things must look like when branding a company. View the company at and take a vacation today. Today the company has sold out vacation packages, thanks to a team of owners who could appreciate the insight and input given.

However, my key expertise is in Branding using name nomenclature and linguistic practices from the ancient science of name design and vibrational energies. How are our successes or failures connected to the names we use?

What is in your name? I can tell you exactly why you experience the successes or failures you do, simply by the linguistic design of your name. I can help you brand your name for extreme success or your company name for extreme success, simply by using certain details in linguistic design that would be tailored towards you for maximum success.

FREE CONSULTATION – 30 MINS To give you an understanding of what your name, DBA, or company name truly measures up to in vibrational success.

There was a time, I thought I could not go on the stage, just like most of us who were to shy to take our first kiss. However, I have learned over time that the best part of living is having a voice that is listened to. Let me help you communicate your message to the youths and future leaders who need to be inspired to reach their dreams. I am a living example of the hardships people go through, yet a shining example of how to overcome hardships through perseverance and an optimistic approach to life. Let your audience feed off my deep sense of passion for the things that matter.

Modeling has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Let me give your products and services a boost by bringing me on board. I have worked for several companies showcasing their company vision and establishing a relationship with their clients and their products and services by representing them in the best light possible.

From walkways to commercial prints, to TV shows, and anything that deals with true modeling of character and style, I am your perfect fit. Let me show you how this is done šŸ™‚






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